Rocktape Rockpods

Rocktape Rockpods



Unlock myofascial manipulation with versatile and easy to use silicone pods.


Become a master fascial manipulator with RockPods! This unique set of eight silicone pods (4 large, 4 small) allow you to grab, pull and push fascia to treat mobility and movement dysfunctions.


Made from medical-grade silicone and packaged in a convenient carrying case, every RockPods includes a quick-start guide. 


Two Sizes. Unlimited Possibilities. 

Target tissues with pinpoint accuracy. RockPods include two sizes of silicone cups, one small and one large – to allow you to manipulate fasica anywhere on the body.


Fast. Clean. Simple.

Forget complicated pumps and hoses – that’s overkill. RockPods finely crafted silicone cups are easy to clean and have no moving parts, so you can go from treatment-to-treatment with zero downtime.


New techniques. Get FMT certified.

RockPods are a tool – and a tool is nothing without training. Enter FMT RockPods, which details an entirely new way to use pods to treat discomfort* and movement dysfunctions.

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